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  • Getting clarity on your unique vision for the world
  • Own your identity as a person with wealth and class privilege
  • Have brave conversations about money with your family, friends, and financial advisors
  • Move past feelings of overwhelm and stuck
  • Work with you to create a plan, holding your hand and holding you accountable for each step
  • 18-month VIP coaching package includes a six-month intensive followed by a year of ongoing support and tune-up sessions for $6,000 (payment plans available)
  • 3-6 month packages available on a case-by-case basis


Parenting With Wealth (coming in 2022)

More info coming soon!


Money Mindset 101

  • Unpacking our feelings around money, and what we've been conditioned to think. Once we understand where that comes from, what privileges or blocks we carry, we can move forward in abundance thinking and moving money

Create A Social Justice Giving Plan

  • For folks who are already moving money, or aren't sure where to start giving. We'll work through your vision and values, and give you a concrete plan to start implementing

Put Your Money Where Your Anti-Racist Voice Is

  • As you work towards becoming actively anti-racist, how does your money play a role? We'll dig into the racial wealth gap, how we got here, and how you can align your money to match your values (no matter how much you have!)

Something else we co-create?

  • Reach out, and let's make something awesome!

Facilitated workshops range from $500-$1,000


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